Emily Ayrton is a main character and the deuteragonist of 'Bussica'.


Although Emily is an extremely dedicated girl, she conceals her frail side, as seen from when Jessica encounters Emily inside the girl's bathroom, behind this determination. Emily shows leaderships skills, although her leadership practically falls apart due to her tendency to become too committed to achieving her goals.

Emily's best interest is for a inner-circle of friends, often advising them and informing them of any relevant information. She is the 'it' girl at Greenwood High through a combination of her pure beauty, social skills and knowledge.

She strives on her ability to interchange between being independent and a leader. Emily often speaks out on how she feels towards situations, not shying away from the harsh truth. Emily appears to know when it's time to stop others before situations get out of hand, but lacks self-control. She shows no fear in going against rules when needed.